Maximizing Crypto Investment Returns with Artificial Intelligence.

Providing completely automated crypto asset management for secure crypto investments utilizing market data and blockchain analytics.

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Our wallet is powered by artificial intelligence that powers fast transactions with high security protocol to protect our investors.

Smart Wallet

Securely acquire crypto assets using Fiat currency.

Secure Cloud Storage

Combines safe to-hack cloud storage with blockchain security.

Artificial Intelligence

AI-enabled crypto wallet which enables you to safely manage assets.

Profitable Investment

Maximised daily profit through smart HODL and Staking digital assets

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Smart Wallet

Powered by artificial intelligence, our wallet has a number of features that improve the speed and efficiency of blockchain systems.

Buy & Store Crypto

Acquire cryptocurrency assets with ease. Keep your valuables secure and earn through our Smart HODL and Staking investment.

Send & Recieve

User-friendly Platform for exchanging, transferring, and receiving digital currency.

Earn Daily Returns

Increase wallet percentage performance and accelerate daily return on investment.

Strategy for HODL

An approach for those who have been burnt by prior cryptocurrencies and are therefore a little more mindful. This technique has the benefit of being simple to implement and also gives investors the advantage during low volatility periods.
The Strategy

1. Buy a set of coins and HODL

2. No selling during the HODL period

3. If HODL cycle is completed, trade with caution and only after looking at the charts and ensuring there is a substantial return on investment.

Strategy for Staking

The CRYPTO staking solution is to have your wallet generate an address and then use it as your staking address. This will let you stake the maximum amount of blocks possible.
The following is the strategy.

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1 - Create Account

Sign up on BitblockAI and verify your account to get referral link.

2 - Invite Friends

Share your referral link and track those who sign up using your referral link.

3 - Earn rewards

Earn up to 50$ worth of Bitcoin when someone creates an account with your referral link.


A rewards centre offering challenges and giveaways as a way to earn cryptocurrency. Earn digital assets by participating in our promotions.

To Participate:

Create and activate wallet

Enter the promotion, fill out the form, and submit it.

Instantly receive crypto assets in your wallet.

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