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BitBlockAi is a smart wallet that automates the administration of crypto assets via the use of artificial intelligence, with the ultimate goal of providing a safe way of storing and investing in a range of digital assets.

Mission Statement

We are devoted to supporting global financial growth by combining safe cloud storage solutions with artificial intelligence technologies.

Key objectives
To provide a stable environment to explore profitable opportunities in the crypto market and a means to benefit from the advantages.
To increase the ease and speed of crypto transactions as well as support for exchange and binding of multiple wallet services.
To serve client investment needs including securing crypto, identifying and providing reliable means to capitalize on crypto value changes and exploiting potential for investments to yield profit.

Our Vision

In the digital asset space, we are focused on delivering solutions that will allow investors to explore and benefit from the potential of digital assets.

Our Story

Our smart wallet solution was motivated by cryptocurrency' volatile risk-reward patterns. BitBlock,Ai was launched in 2015 to address this issue and to inspire people to love digital assets as much as we do. Our goal is to improve crypto for everybody.


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Our Team

Meet Our Executive Team

Olger Wager
Founder & CEO
Yulia March
CPO (Chief Persons Officer)
Eriberto Douglas
Head of Community
Deborah Hurley
Alistan Kov
CSO (Chief Security Officer)

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Van Stralenlei 4, 2170 Antwerpen, Belgium
(+32) 4602 194 35

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